Goizane Esain was born in San Sebastian, Spain, and grew up in Venezuela and Colombia. After graduating high school in Bogotá, she moved to Denver, Colorado, and began her art and design studies at Denver Community College. She then moved to Des Moines, Iowa, where she graduated from Drake University with a degree in communications and graphic design.

Inspired by Brutalist architecture, and interested in deconstruction, Esain’s work explores the relationships between artistic expression, design and shape. Her large-scale sliced photographic images (or slices) intersperse colors and forms found in land- and cityscapes. She rearranges compositions into new and unexpected views, which result in both real and imagined gradients. These works are interactive – they offer the viewer opportunities to fill in literal formal gaps with spatial and visual sensory connections. Her new series of botanical splices envision floral, foliage, and cloud, as beautifully puzzled sprays. Perfectly-spliced sections appear, within them, to have been grafted, yet the symmetry of each artwork brings the wild of nature into a carefully tended germination.