Peter Shellenberger is an artist working in experimental photography. He attended County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ; earned his BFA in Photography from the Portland School of Art (Maine College of Art), Portland, ME; and his MFA in Photography from the Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA. Shellenberger has been perfecting his practice of autoradiography since 2004, patiently testing and refining. This way of creating images by radiation inside a light-tight box (from Fiesta ware with uranium oxide) requires patience (an approximate 45-day wait is what Shellenberger settled on for one series); and this creates patient artworks, elegiac in their object/subject captivity, and their ability to captivate the viewer. He also creates large-scale prints from Polaroids, in which he uses extremely large flash bulbs, which he inserts into the frame of the shot, as well, as a compositional focal point. In these, Shellenberger isn’t so much concerned with lighting the shot, but rather, “putting the light into the picture in a problematic way.”