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Artist Portfolios



We have completed more than forty sculptural projects at sites across the United States since we began working collaboratively in 1993.  We create art which connects people to places. 



"Microbial Relief"

Carved Pennsylvania slate, 20" x 2" x 37',  2007



"The Minnesota World War II Veterans Memorial"

Granite, glass, earthworks, plant materials.  Site approximately 250’ across, 2007


Carved natural boulders, weathering steel.  Site approximately 45’ x 45’, 2007

"Cambrian BeeLine"

Railing height typically 3', length of railing from first to second floor; 80 feet.  Stainless steel plate and woven wiremesh, cast bronze and cast glass, 2006


"P.S. - Wish You Were Here"

Bronze, weathering steel, stainless steel, carved Indiana limestone, masonry.  2004




Granite, bronze, limestone, water, light, 1999.  Plaza dimensions approximately

50' x 50'


Wood, aluminum, pigment. 1999

"The Hamilton Gateway"

Weathering steel, limestone, granite, stainless steel, bronze, cast glass, earthworks, plant materials, light.  65' x 8' x 45'


"The Allegory of Excelsior"

Weathering steel, stainless steel, bronze, 22 karat gold leaf.  2003.   42’ x 5’ x 9’



Epoxy terrazzo, Minnesota stone tile, water-jet cut and hand-bent aluminum.  2004. 

Approximately 30' x 45



"Prickly, Prickly, Prickly, Prickly, Spiny"

Carved Indiana limestone, cast bronze.  2005.  Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ




ATK Corporation lobby, Minneapolis, MN.  Carved basswood with bronze fittings and rubbed graphite surfaces.  Three sculptures, each approximately 15' in length


"Heritage4 Charlotte"

Limestone, stainless steel, bronze, color-changing LED fixtures.  2008




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