Moberg Gallery: Contemporaries Video Series

2921 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50312
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Produced by Moberg Gallery and DEFT Video.



Contemporaries Episode 7: Aaron Wilson and Tim Dooley

Aaron Wilson and Tim Dooley speak in depth about their collaborative spirit as they create in their studio and visit newly acquired installations of their works.




Contemporaries Episode 6: Jordan Weber

Jordan Weber talks in-depth about his experience in Ferguson, MO, how it changed his perspective as an artist and where his many inspirations have taken him.




Contemporaries Episode 5: Andrew Abbott

Follow Andrew Abbott on his first visit to Des Moines, IA to attend the opening of his exhibit at Moberg Gallery. Abbott explains his techniques and process for creating his artworks and tags Jordan Weber's mural with duct tape.




Contemporaries Episode 4: Chris Vance

Join Chris Vance as he visits his 40' x 60' mural in Des Moines' East Village, discusses his new works for his 2015 exhibit at Moberg Gallery and shares his personal background and how it has influenced his artistic vision.




Contemporaries Episode 3: Richard Kelley

Richard Kelley invites the viewer to his home/studio to discuss his paintings, inspirations and philosophy. Kelley also visits Moberg Gallery to speak about his earlier works and the Des Moines Art Center to visit his artistic documentation.




Contemporaries Episode 2: Karen Strohbeen & Bill Luchsinger

Contemporaries Episode 2: Iowa's favorite artistic couple Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger invite us to their studio, garden and home to discuss their artwork and modern print making.




Contemporaries Episode 1: Larassa Kabel

Contemporaries Episode 1: Larassa Kabel invites the viewer into her studio, shares her thoughts on what

it means to be a woman and provides insight into how her experiences have shaped her ideas and work.




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