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Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger

New Work December 2009

A Pink Flower


Surprise Lilies






Red Flower with Diamonds


Red Flowers with Checks


Six Pink FLowers


THree Pink Flowers


Yellow Flowers with Checks


Surprise Lilies



Birds at Sunrsie


Five Leeks






Walking Girl


Field of Coneflowers


Yellow Dahlia


Green Leaves and Yellow Flower


Three Dahlias


Yellow FLowers with Grid


Four Hills


White Horse


Turquoise Wall # 1



Turquoise Wall # 2





Blue Truck


Lisianthus on Concrete




Painted Wall


Resting Angel


Angel in the Shadow


Angel in the Sun


Angel with Bird


Angel with Stains


Angel with Stars


Little Blue Eyes


Painted Angel


Quiet Angel


Stone Angel


The Shy One


White Angel


Sleeping Angel


Adobe Wall


The Rectory


Tin Roof with Shadow


Karen Sitting




White Door


Green Leaves and Yellow Flower



The Gala



Tracks in the Gras



Water Tower

Fence - Slice



Karen - Slice



Drawing - Slice


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