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Duke Oursler is an Assistant Professor of Art at Western Illinois University. He received his MFA from Georgia Southern University.  His artistic direction for the past several years has focused on creating art works for public spaces. For Duke, the attraction lies in the aesthetic challenge of responding to specific virtues and cultural qualities of a space, while creating work that remains aesthetically interesting and visually dynamic.


Regarding public artwork Dukes philosophy is based on the visual and experiential representation of culture and community. Public artwork not only represents the local culture visually. It encourages the evolution of the culture, by presenting viewers and the community with new possibilities while celebrating ideas and actions that are integral to the success of a community. Creating public artwork that references or speaks to a communal history and its ability to engage the viewer in a visual dialogue regarding present knowledge and the future is vital to the success of a art work.


American Class

17' x 6' x 8'

stainless steel and corten



20' x 9' x 4'

cardboard and steel



Bethoven's Ear

4' x 4' x 6'


Brace For Impact

15' x 5' x 5'

painted steel





5' x 3' x 3'

stainless steel





Sailor's Warning

14' x 5' x 4'

painted steel



Atomic Clock

6' x17' x6'





Con Brio

17' x 4' x 3'

stainless steel



The Wobble

7' x 5' x4'

steel and stainless steel


Glorious Black

14' x 6' x 4'

steel and stainless steel


Pinch and Trickle

2' x 3' x 1'

steel and oak







3' x 2' x 1'



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